About OnlineTickets.ie


OnlineTickets.ie is an Irish based global online ticket selling platform for live events i.e. music, entertainment and live sports tickets.

OnlineTickets.ie provides event organisers and ticket buyers with the choice of tickets to events and helps ticket sellers and event organisers reach a global audience.

OnlineTickets.ie is the fast, easy and safe way for customers to find and purchase tickets. They can find information on events and buy tickets online in a few minutes.

Customers can simply purchase tickets on their computer or phone, print their tickets or show them on their smartphone to be scanned by our free gate control App and get admitted to the event.

Attendee's tickets can be scanned in and out of events, and you can as many gate controllers as you need. Tickets can only be used or scanned once so counterfeiting can be controlled.


Why use OnlineTickets.ie

  • Event Organisers can register and set up their events and begin selling event tickets online in minutes.

  • Attendees can purchase tickets using their credit/debit card from their phone or computer and get their tickets delivered instantly.

  • Organisers can choose the price plan that suits them, depending on if they are running a one-off event or multiple events.

  • Events can have assigned seat seating plans, and organisers can create different ticket price levels based on the seat location and give the buyer the option to pick their seat, and the system will manage and assign the seat number to the tickets.