Support Kilconly GAA Club: Empower Our Community Through Sports"

Kilconly GAA Club is at the heart of our local community, providing year-round sports facilities, training, and games for the vibrant Kilconly and Kilbannon communities. Our dedicated club is open to girls and boys of all ages, nurturing their athletic talents and fostering a sense of belonging.


Your support means the world to us. By making a one-time or monthly donation, you are directly contributing to the ongoing success and operation of Kilconly GAA Club. Every cent raised goes towards running the club, maintaining our facilities, and creating opportunities for the youth of our community.

Join us in building a brighter future for our young athletes and strengthening the bonds within our community. Your generosity will make a real and lasting impact on Kilconly GAA Club and the people we serve. Thank you for helping us continue to thrive and bring the joy of sports to our community.

Monthly donations will get charged to the same card or you will receive an invoice to pay, until it is cancelled.

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